Databox :
A packaged, mobile and autonomous solution

Because we wanted to meet the needs of the market, we created the Databox as a powerful but also practical solution adaptable to any type of travel.

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A special packaging for a delivery guaranteed without damage

Whether for a planned event or as a backup solution, we ensure a delivery within 24 hours of a functional and easily transportable Databox, supplied with a power cord, a 75 Wh Lithium battery and a Peli Air case (total weight of 8 kgs).

Peli Air : our partner for a damage-free transport

The Peli Air case is a protective case 40% lighter than other existing polymer cases. Designed to cut weight without compromising durability. Suitable for air travel, unbreakable and drop-tested on all sides and corners for guaranteed solidity.
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Databox, Load-Balancing or Single Operator Solution: what to choose?

Discover, in this comparative chart below, the different existing technologies to choose the solution closest to your technical expectations.

Our solution DATABOX
Alternative solution LOAD-BALANCING
Alternative solution SINGLE OPERATOR
Number of operators
2 to 4
Nbr of simultaneous Wi-Fi users
Valid in Europe

New in 2024

Valid abroad
Back-office user access
Remote monitoring
Fixed IP
Plug and Play
Choice of the most efficient network
Multi-WAN aggregator
Remote technical support < 2hrs
Replacement of equipement < 24hrs
Security (Firewall, VPN)
Flexibility et Scalability

Enjoy the 4G Databox experience, Quick and Easy !

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