4G Databox by Datanaute :
Your partner for a secure
and efficient Wi-Fi coverage of your events

Our teams have internally developed a very high-speed, seamless and secure Wi-Fi coverage solution
to meet the ever more varied customers’ needs

Enjoy the 4G Databox experience, Quick and Easy !

Your event
Order your 4G Databox and receive it within 24 hours, thanks to our partner UPS who ensures fast deliveries and meets the requested requirements.
Receive your Databox
Delivered in a case and equipped with a battery, you just need to plug it into the mains to enjoy immediate high-speed Internet access. A plug and play solution that makes installation quick and easy.
Your back office user access
Allows you to control the list of your rented Databoxes, the signal level of each operator, the consumption per Sim card and check your overall use. If necessary, our technical team is available remotely to provide you with technical maintenance.
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A multi-operator technology for a very high-speed Wi-Fi network

Getting a reliable Internet connection today is often a complex, time consuming and often disappointing task when it comes to the available speed. To respond to this issue, we have developed the Databox : the 4 available 4G operators are aggregated to create a single, very high-speed Wi-Fi network

Remote technical monitoring for a seamless temporary Internet connection

During the rental of your Databox, our teams ensure a remote maintenance in order to make the technical settings of your module. They will thus be able to monitor the consumption of the included 100 GB of data, test the various 4G operators to isolate the less efficient ones and make the necessary changes to guarantee you a very high-speed Internet coverage

Enjoy the Databox experience. Quick and Easy !

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