Seminars, annual meetings, team building :
Ensure your internet connection for your corporate events !

You organize a congress within your company, a meeting or a team building session. You bring together several dozen employees for a collective work session. You must therefore ensure perfect Wi-Fi coverage. Choosing the 4G Databox guarantees you a reliable, secure and very-high speed network access.

Why choose the 4G Databox

for your 4G coverage during your group meetings ?

A multi-operator solution

For a continuous Internet connection, we have equipped our 4G Databox with a system allowing the aggregation of 4 main network operators. This solution increases the performance of Internet coverage by 4 and adapts to network reception at the location of your business event.

On mains or mobile

Team building, meetings, annual meetings, congresses : professional events are numerous and can be differently organized. To have a solution that adapts to all these configurations, we have set up our 4G Databox to meet all your needs. Thus, it guarantees a very high-speed connection, both on mains or mobile use, easily transportable thanks to its backpack along with a 4-hour battery life.

Remote technical support

The in-house developed plug and play solution ensures easy installation and immediate access to a very high-speed network. In order to support our customers throughout their use of the Databox, a technical team remains available during your rental for remote maintenance. Indeed, depending on the network received by the operators, we adapt the 4G Databox to ensure a continuous connection

Secure network

Security is essential for your events. Trust in the management of your companies’ personal data is a priority

Your 4G Databox and its 100 GB of data included from 450 € (without VAT)
Use cases

Head of company, managers, internal event organizers : They have chosen the 4G Databox to guarantee a functional Internet coverage to their employees !

The 4G Databox will be a key partner for a very high-speed connection allowing you to connect up to 40 people simultaneously.

STE : They trust us for the organization of their events.

STE : They trust us for the organization of their events.

Solution Technique Événement is a company specializing in the organization of events for professionals and individuals. Seminars, national conferences, trade shows : for the network coverage of their event, they choose the 4G Databox to guarantee their customers the best available Internet connection.

For their Internet coverage , they TRUST us and our DATABOX !

The 4G Databox : Your 4G partner for your event

About the 4G Databox

Datanaute is a company founded in 2004 by Jean-Charles DESPRÉS. Specialized in the deployment of temporary Wi-Fi networks, we have been accompanying our customers for years, providing Internet coverage for their events : festivals, construction sites, conferences, seminars, car rallies or even marathons. We intervene everywhere in France but also all over the world for all types of events. Our team, expert in the installation of temporary Internet connection, ensures the deployment of the network infrastructure and provides maintenance throughout your rental for a coverage guaranteed without interruption.

The advantages of the 4G Databox

During its development, we designed the 4G Databox as an easy-to-install and standalone solution that best meets our customers’ expectations. Thus, we offer a turnkey solution, which does not require any technical knowledge. All you need to do is connect the 4G Databox to benefit from very high-speed Internet coverage as well as 100 GB of data, thanks to a multi-operator system which brings together 4 different 4G networks. Available for short or long term rental, our technical team ensures delivery within 24 hours and covers remote maintenance throughout the duration of the event to guarantee you a continuous connection.

The Databox by Datanaute

The 4G Databox is a plug and play solution that provides very high-speed Internet coverage for any use. Initially intended for our own use as a backup for our satellite connections, the Databox very quickly attracted many customers looking for a solution that was easy to set up, mobile, cheaper than a complex and autonomous equipment. The 4G Databox was originally developped internally to meet the needs of the sector and has become the ideal temporary Wi-Fi coverage solution for each of your events

The areas of activity

The use of the Databox varies since it adapts to each project and allows seamless temporary Internet access to ensure the coverage of any event. During festivals or an exhibition, the organizers can rely on the Databox for the management of their ticket office. During a live performance, conference or sporting event, journalists and technicians manage to achieve an excellent image quality without risk of cut-off. On a site with poor Internet coverage, the battery-powered Databox provides autonomous and mobile coverage. Its customized backpack allows easy and comfortable transport. To ensure Internet access during a business seminar or for your hotel guests, the secured connection and its 100 GB of data provide coverage without any risk of interruption