Festivals: How to get Internet network at your event venue?

Festivals: How to get Internet network at your event venue?

We do not always measure the importance of a reliable Internet connection for our event. And yet, it can absolutely change everything. To ensure the management, organization, visibility or even virality, it is always essential to have an Internet network at your festival venue. Whether your cultural event takes place in an urban environment or in the countryside, guaranteeing very high-speed coverage to all your participants means ensuring the management of your ticket office and cashless transactions system, as well as animating your own social networks or even sharing the greatest moments experienced by your festival-goers on the Internet.


Datanaute team will help you find the best solutions available you need to have a high-performance temporary Internet network on the day of your event.


Anticipate your needs :

When you organize a festival that brings together several hundred people, it is common for the 3G and 4G networks of the available telephone operators to be saturated very quickly, in particular due to new uses on social networks. Photos, videos, livestream, video calls are all activities that consume a lot of data.

There are many options available, but you must carefully assess your needs to avoid unpleasant surprises.

We recommend you to write a short specification, listing all Wi-Fi access needs so your future service provider can help you choose the most appropriate  temporary Internet solution for your event. 

First, ask yourself : how many people will absolutely need an Internet connection during my festival ?

This may include your staff, the technical team installing the stage equipment, the artist who prepares before his performance, your festival-goers wanting to share their concerts experience with their friends. So you have got here a variety of people with very different needs to take into account.

But even more important than the number of users is their use of the Internet !

Streamings, replays, cashless payments via your festival application or live communication between your teams are examples of uses that can be challenging in terms of Internet connectivity. We, therefore, invite you to identify the needs of your team, technicians or artists for example, in order to have the closest idea of the potential required consumption.

To achieve the most complete specifications, we also invite you to consult our article with the right procedure to follow and examples of questions to ask yourself to finalize your deliverable: (link) Temporary Internet: How to ensure a good Internet access to your events venues ?

Choose the solution that best meets your constraints

  • Satellite Internet: How does it work ?

A satellite Internet access is built following the same principles as the Internet connection of a mobile phone. To be functional, the connection must be made between a ground station – such as a relay antenna positioned at a great height up which emits a signal – a satellite in orbit and a fixed dish.

When a user makes a search, it is therefore sent from his computer to his modem and his dish, then from his dish to the satellite which receives the data related to his request.

These installations, which are generally made for long-term subscriptions for individuals or isolated companies, require going through very specific operators. However, for temporary events such as a festival, a concert or a sporting event, companies offer the deployment of fixed network infrastructures of this type. Thus, depending on the location of your event, the satellite connection allows you to access a high-performance and very high-speed Internet network, even in very isolated places.


  • High-speed 4G/5G Wi-Fi network

For a couple of years now, the deployment of 4G, 4G+ and now 5G networks has made it possible to create powerful Wi-Fi networks throughout France and around the world.

To help you best with your event, terminals will be installed in order to capture the mobile networks of the most performant operators in the geographical area, then bring them together and so create a single Wi-Fi network. This aggregation solution allows organizers to be able to meet their needs while benefitting from a secure temporary Internet coverage at very high speed.

At Datanaute, we have designed a solution of this type: the Databox. It is an in-house developed system which meets the requirements of people who need a high-performance Internet access quickly and with no technical skills in the field.

Indeed, we wanted an intuitive and easy-to-install solution, adapted to all of our customers. It is a plug and play system operated by either mains or battery ensuring greater agility when covering sporting events, for example. Our technical team provides remote continuous maintenance during short or long term rental. For more information, refer to the technical data sheet.

Our experts’tip :
When writing your specifications, you can also assess the level of priority, importance and security required according to the needs of each stakeholder in your festival. Thus, you can provide the best coverage by creating different networks for different uses. Dissociating the network used by your team from that used by your audience can be a way to respond to your issues.
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Discover our Databox

Starting from 450 € (without VAT) for a week rental
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