7 tips for a performant fixed Internet connection

7 tips for a performant fixed Internet connection

Is the speed of your Internet box too slow? Is your browser struggling to display your Web pages? Can’t have multiple connections on the same network? When there is only one Internet access via ADSL, it can be difficult to find the right settings to make it more efficient. There are, however, several tips that could help you.

Before even putting them into practice, it is important to know the reasons for this speed drop. We invite you to carry out a speed test like the one proposed here by Google , which allows you to test your Internet speed accurately.


The result will be in megabytes per second which will control the bandwidth. Between 0 and 30 Mb / s, the speed is considered low. Between 30 and 100 Mb / s, your bandwidth is evaluated as very high speed. If your result is greater than 100 Mb / s, your connection speed is fast, which potentially suggests a connection via optical fiber.

Now that you know the speed of your Internet connection, let’s see how to improve it.

Here are Datanaute’s 7 tips to improve your speed and enjoy an optimal Internet connection.


Upgrade your equipment

First contact your Internet provider to check your equipment and maybe purchase the latest generation equipment. Indeed, old boxes may not meet the latest standards, including those implemented to meet connectivity requirements.

Use Ethernet connections wherever possible

Connecting your computer with a recent Ethernet cable may help you solve your problems. For optimal connectivity, this will allow to boost the bandwith of the Wi-Fi network and improve the speed of your connected devices. Your computer will thus benefit from the best Internet speed via your box.

Where to place your box for the best Wi-Fi signal ?

Avoid locations that cut down the Wi-Fi signal Here are examples of locations which tend to block the reception of the Wi-Fi network : concrete walls, a location that is too isolated, a remote corner of the house, in a cabinet or on the ground. Appliances or even electrical devices can also cut down the signal. We tend to think that our box must imperatively be located near the telephone cables. This may be ideal for the location of our box, but much less for the performance of the Wi-Fi network. To optimize your connection, choose a central location, off the ground and out in the open. A position that will allow a high-performance signal both in the living room, the upstairs bedrooms or on the terrace.

Install a powerline network kit

The PLC, Power Line Communication is a way to bring the Internet to rooms in your home with poor coverage. This is a system transmitting digital data through your home’s electrical network and offers the same service as your Wi-Fi but using current to create a gateway between your box and devices. Thanks to these adapters you will be able to extend your Internet access via your electrical outlets.

Use a repeater

The Wi-Fi repeater is a box that allows you to extend the coverage area of your Wi-Fi network emitted by your box. It can be compared to a relay terminal which will replicate the signal received from your box. It is not an amplifier since it does not aim to increase the bandwidth or improve the connection speed but it will duplicate the perceived network to provide Wi-Fi access in an area where the initial signal is weak

Limit or turn off appliances that hog your speed

To improve your Internet access and thus benefit from a higher bandwidth, you can turn off the Wi-Fi connection of the equipment you are not using. Also, resource-hungry apps can slow down your computer and your connection. Depending on their importance, you can decide to stop or pause those apps in the Network tab of Windows Task Manager.

Find out if you can get fiber-optic Internet in your area

This solution will allow you to boost your Internet speed. Fiber optics is a very fine wire, whether in plastic or glass, which can conduct light. It allows data to be sent between two distant points quickly. However, not all French households are eligible. Since 2020, 20 million homes can benefit from fiber optics. To find out if you are eligible, simply go to the websites of the various operators who offer you online eligibility tests.
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